Friday, October 31, 2014

A ghost story for Halloween

Hello again! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting for awhile, but I've been busy touring for The Vanishing and writing my next novel. I've got it off to my agent now, just now, actually, and so I thought I'd entertain you with one of the best ghost stories I've heard on my tour.

One of the peculiarities of my life these days is that people come up to me and tell me their ghost stories. Here's one. I'll post some more tomorrow.

This happened to a lady who came to see me in Superior, WI. She and her husband were newlyweds, and just as they got married, his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Terminal. So they spent the next year taking care of him until he was sick enough to go into a hospice, where, after a few months, he passed away.

Her husband wasn't taking this very well. It was very a stressful time and their new marriage was on the rocks. She wasn't sure they'd make it, and was contemplating a divorce.

Until one day.

They got a phone call. They saw, on the caller ID, that it was from the hospice room where his father had died. She thought it was a nurse at the facility, calling to see how they were doing. It wasn't.

She picked up the phone and heard her father-in-law's voice. "I need to speak to my son," he said.

Stunned, she handed the phone to her husband. He listened for a minute, went white as a sheet and then put down the phone, after saying: "Thanks, dad."

"What did he say?" the woman wanted to know.

"He said I need to get my head back in this marriage or I'll lose the best thing that has ever happened to me," her husband told her.

End of the story? He did. They were still together, some 20 years later, when she told me the story.

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